Ahhh, nothing compares to the sounds of September. Sneakers skid and squeak across tile floors. Students quote their favorite songs or movies from the past 3 (or 12) months. Summer’s great and all, but after a certain point—the stark contrast between warm weather and a cold, empty classroom can feel isolating.

It’s about time to fill up those seats! Are you ready for the bell to ring? Find out with this 3-question quiz.

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Sign Up Now: Digital Curriculum is Here to Stay.

Is digital curriculum part of the new normal? We think yes. That’s why we’re excited to announce a forthcoming online event from Kiddom.

Announcing Kiddom Classroom Weekly Orientation!

Our free Kiddom Classroom app has what it takes to improve and streamline the process of learning—but only if teachers know how to use it.

Administrators: 20 Gift Ideas for Your Teachers & Staff in 2020

Looking for the perfect gift for your teachers and staff during the pandemic? Look no further! This gift guide is made for 2020.

At-a-Glance Assignments: Announcing Kiddom’s New & Improved Timeline

The Kiddom Timeline is where teachers spend a lot of their day-to-day, so we listened to your suggestions and made it better than ever.

Student Groups for Blended, Hybrid, and Distance Learning

Student groups allow teachers and students to move seamlessly between in person and online instruction without suffering content loss.