Captivate your classroom with these teaching “playlists” which are a series of themed blended resources you can use for the diverse students in your class.

Explore each playlist by subject, or access the entire collection.

captivate your classroom with this social studies playlist on globalization -- blue globe spinning


Social Studies: The Problem With Prosperity
Our world is more interconnected than ever before but globalization has vast economic, political and social repercussions.

a chicken turns into a dinosaur in this evolution graphic, which when clicked will take you to the Science - Darwinning" playlist


Science: Darwinning 
In our planetary thunder-dome, it’s survival of the fittest. Thanks to the tireless work of Charles Darwin, evolution isn’t just a theory anymore.


a computer screen gif that shows a magnifying glass looking closer at a graph


Math: Survey Says…
When applied responsibly, data collection can uncover many truths. See how statistical studies shape our world.

captivate your english classroom with this list of resources to help students think about the author's motive


English: What’s Your Point?
An author’s purpose isn’t always so clearly defined but with a little investigating, we can unearth their motives.




By: Eboni Hogan, Content Specialist


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