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Rethinking Education in the Wake of the Election

  I grew up in a low-income, abusive household in Chicago. My teachers encouraged me to find my way out through college, and I reacted by taking school seriously — almost too seriously. Once I got to college, I worked my butt off to land a job in investment banking, satisfying a need for prestige and security. […]

Blended (Social & Emotional) Learning

As of 2010, approximately 4 million students were impacted by online learning components embedded into their daily curriculum, cementing blended learning principles in schools across the world — and that number is growing. Exponentially.     It is no secret that technology in the classroom has the ability to engage students like no other learning tool. Technology […]

Sustaining Your Classroom’s Momentum Into Winter

Days are getting shorter, stacks of paper are getting taller, and for some reason, you still can’t figure out where your markers went. This can only mean one thing: the school year is in full swing. If you started this school year strong, the key will be sustaining your classroom’s momentum into the holidays. It’ll be tempting […]

5 Ways to Start Strong this School Year

  The first few weeks of the school year have always been so precious to me throughout the stages my life, even as the “first days” changed in purpose over time. The air becomes cooler, summer activities wind down, there’s a feeling in the air unlike any other.   Always ready for “back to school”   For […]

Push High-Achieving Students with Standards-Based Grading

A study launched in 1972 tracking five thousand “intellectually talented” children has entered its 45th year (here’s a short synopsis). Among its various findings, the study finds high-achieving students are often at a disadvantage in school communities that shift more resources to its low-achieving student population. For those of us who have taught at schools serving low-socioeconomic communities, this […]

SBG: A Practice That Lends to Better Curriculum Design

Class 709 where I first started teaching.   My standards-based grading (SBG) journey started as a solo adventure and has grown to a global mission. I started my teaching career nine years ago with class 709, as a 7th grade special education teacher at a public school in the South Bronx. I would venture to guess […]

Want Lifelong Learners? Start By Being One

  I remember creating my first lesson, incorporating standards-based grading, so many moons ago in Mississippi. I glanced back and forth between my computer screen and my content notes in overwhelming anxiety and frustrated confusion. Where do I even start? What did it mean to scaffold questions to track and target a specific standard? I had so […]

Taking Sides: Revolution or Oppression?

“We cannot treat our students as ‘other people’s children’ (Delpit, 1995) — their pain is our pain… audacious hope demands that we reconnect to the collective by struggling alongside one another, sharing in the victories and the pain.” — Jeff Duncan-Andrade “Why; our backs are now against the wall. Listen all of y’all it’s a sabotage. Listen all of […]

I Am an Educator, and I Am Desperate to Be Taught

The following post was submitted by a New York City educator. The author has chosen to remain anonymous. You’ll understand why. I am an educator, and I am desperate to be taught. Credit: PhotoPin, licensed under CC by 2.0 I have been working in schools for eight years as a teacher, department lead, and instructional coach. I […]

Yesterday Was a Bad Day

Yesterday was not a good day. Xenophobia won in the U.K. Credit: PhotoPin, licensed under CC by 2.0 The Supreme Court, by deciding nothing, exposed five million lives to fear, uncertainty, and instability. While his city still tries to heal, the police officer who drove the van where Freddie Gray’s spine was snapped can now wake […]

Wrapping up the 2015–2016 School Year

Dear Educators, On the last day of my first year teaching high school, I remember frantically packing up my classroom. I couldn’t wait to get out and kiss summer on the lips. Alex, a student overly enthusiastic about organization, was helping me pack. After we finished, Alex looked perplexed. He said, “I bet teachers get […]