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Category: Teacher Voice

On DeVos: Let’s Stay Focused

This week, Betsy DeVos cleared another hurdle towards becoming the next education secretary of the United States. Ms. DeVos is a vocal supporter of school choice, most notably vouchers. She advocates for parents to be able to choose the best schools for their children, whether they’re traditional public schools, charters, or private schools. American Federation of […]

Storytime with Fresh Professor (Part Two)

I wasn’t always the Fresh Professor. At one point, I was just another starving actor trying to make a living. But stories change over time, as do professional desires. This is Part Two of my story. Enjoy the ride. August 2000. Waltham, MA Her name was Maggie, and she was badass. I met her at Brandeis University, […]

Story Time with the Fresh Professor (Part One)

I wasn’t always the Fresh Professor. At one point, I was just another starving actor, trying to make a living. But stories change over time, as do professional desires. This is Part One of my story. Enjoy the ride. January 1998: New York City I moved from Chicago to the Big Apple with a couple hundred dollars […]

Taking Sides: Revolution or Oppression?

“We cannot treat our students as ‘other people’s children’ (Delpit, 1995) — their pain is our pain… audacious hope demands that we reconnect to the collective by struggling alongside one another, sharing in the victories and the pain.” — Jeff Duncan-Andrade “Why; our backs are now against the wall. Listen all of y’all it’s a sabotage. Listen all of […]

Yesterday Was a Bad Day

Yesterday was not a good day. Xenophobia won in the U.K. The Supreme Court, by deciding nothing, exposed five million lives to fear, uncertainty, and instability. While his city still tries to heal, the police officer who drove the van where Freddie Gray’s spine was snapped can now wake up every morning without fear of […]

A Life Beyond the Classroom

When I was thirteen, I met a person who would redefine what I expected from a teacher. And for this, I consider myself very fortunate. I have had many teachers who cared about me, but no one influenced me as much as Fernando Acosta. For context, I did secondary education in a brand-new school in […]

Resource Room — May 2016

Happy Sunday Teachers! Here’s a roundup of every resource we shared over the past week. Tiny Tap is full of interactive lessons, games, stories and more for you to use in your classroom!! You can also create your own and share! History was just made with the decision to change the picture on the $20 to […]

Serious Play

Is there a direct correlation between early childhood learning experiences and high school graduation rates? Are students’ academic learning outcomes in later years, predetermined by the quality of their early childhood education? Research on the subject is all over the place, but, from what I have read, science strongly suggests the answer to these questions […]

Yes, You Do Want Drama in the Classroom

“Yo Mister, that ain’t right!” I’m teaching test prep in a Title I High School, in a part of Brooklyn that’s not portrayed on Girls, leading a rambunctious group of previously failing students through a content-review of the Cold War; exploring the difference between capitalism and communism. One particularly volatile student, Jonathan, is decrying the […]

“Can Hip Hop Save Us?” Hosted by Fresh Ed’s James Miles

“Hip-hop is one of the most powerful forces…It’s a culture that connects people from any race, school of thought, creed, religion, or color; a global phenomenon that exists in the United States, started in South Bronx and exists in crevices of the world.” — John Robinson, rapper, producer and educator We’re all accustomed to the same […]

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