Resources for District Leaders

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What Does Innovative District Leadership Look Like?

Understanding the evolution of educational technology, and where it's going next.

Trusting those on the frontlines to choose the best tools for their classrooms.

Building buy-in to new initiatives and preventing change fatigue.

District Leadership Articles

New Features for Assignments and Kiddom Live

The best way to show our appreciation for teachers is to launch new features that have come directly from educator feedback!

Feeling the Burn-Out? Setting Boundaries as a Form of Teacher Self-Care

Feeling the burnout? Here's some pivotal advice for teachers who struggle to communicate boundaries to their administrators.

Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Month With Kiddom: Giveaways, Awards, and More!

One year to celebrate teachers isn't enough. This year, we're celebrating the entire month of May with giveaways, spotlights, and more!

Honoring Teacher Expertise: How Math Curriculum Can Offer More Teacher Autonomy

“curriculum” & “teacher autonomy” may seem like mutually exclusive concepts – but Fishtank Math curriculum and Kiddom are changing that.

New Features: Save Time with Drawing Tool, Curriculum Collaboration, & More

Spring brings new features to the Kiddom platform, designed to reduce friction and help create context for teachers and learners.