Resources for District Leaders

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What Does Innovative District Leadership Look Like?

Understanding the evolution of educational technology, and where it’s going next.

Trusting those on the frontlines to choose the best tools for their classrooms.

Building buy-in to new initiatives and preventing change fatigue.

District Leadership Articles

Student Groups for Blended, Hybrid, and Distance Learning

Student groups allow teachers and students to move seamlessly between in person and online instruction without suffering content loss.

Using Actionable Data in Kiddom to Support Intervention (Webinar Recap)

Whether you’re looking for school-wide trends, or at a student’s assignments, Kiddom has the data views that will help you spark meaningful conversations.

Teach Civic Responsibility With These Voting Resources for Students of All Ages

In one of the most crucial election seasons in recent history, teachers have expressed a need for quality resources to bring culturally-relevant lessons to young voters and...

Change Management for Implementation & Troubleshooting (Webinar Recap)

This webinar by Kiddom explores change management troubleshooting and blended learning strategies, adapted for the current moment.

Building Continuity of Learning in Any Scenario: The Kiddom Back to School 2020 Guide

Hear how various educators are using Kiddom to prepare for distance learning, hybrid, or in-person blended learning. Get your copy of the guide below.