Resources for District Leaders

District leadership resources to build collaborative, student-centered school communities. 

What Does Innovative District Leadership Look Like?

Understanding the evolution of educational technology, and where it’s going next.

Trusting those on the frontlines to choose the best tools for their classrooms.

Building buy-in to new initiatives and preventing change fatigue.

District Leadership Articles

How to Save Time and Money Lesson Planning (Calculator)

One of the greatest inefficiencies in today’s schools might be in the hours we ask teachers to spend on planning quality lessons for students, without giving them the proper tools to do so.

Principal Faith Stroud: The Passionate Leader

Through hard work and leadership, Principal Stroud lives her principles and her passion inspires members of her school community to do the same.

Building a School-Wide Digital Literacy Curriculum — Part 3 of 3

How to build and measure a cross-disciplinary, school-wide digital literacy curriculum using responsive curriculum management.

How to calibrate curriculum while ensuring teachers have flexibility

In part 1 of our series, we explore how to calibrate curriculum in the first stage of the responsive curriculum management cycle.

How to Track Student Development with Responsive Curriculum Management — Part 2 of 3

Former Teacher Nicole Plante put on her administrator hat to initiate an SEL curriculum and track student development using responsive curriclum management.

What is your support plan for at-risk students?

With Kiddom Academy, you can set up an early-alert system to turn realtime insights into student success.