Aditya Patel

Aditya Patel

Product Success Manager, Kiddom

Passionate about building great products that support excellent teaching and learning practices. Outside of the office, he loves to ski, hike, and wander the streets of a new city in hopes to find a great hole-in-the-wall restaurant.
It’s no secret that teachers are always looking to help each other out. May it be sharing lessons and activities or highlighting some of their best practices, teachers know exactly who they can turn too.

Simply said, when teachers need help they look to their fellow educators for support. So, to help teachers share the value of Kiddom with their colleagues, we’ve built a professional development kit.


What’s included in this professional development kit?

Within the kit we have a ton of materials for teachers to use and share so all of their colleagues can get started right away!  

In the kit we have four slide decks that walk teachers through the basics of Kiddom. These presentations will introduce teachers to Kiddom and demonstrate how to use some core features like creating and using rubrics and Kiddom’s Content Library. These decks are straightforward and were created to be easily digestible for teachers.

Also included are additional resources and guides to help teachers understand standards-based grading. Some other important resources are the Kiddom Dictionary to explain all the terms and Kiddom’s Getting Started Guide which walks through all aspects of Kiddom.




How can teachers use this professional development kit?

All the presentations are editable, so teachers can add their own slides, mix and match, or add whatever modifications they’d like. We know teachers like to put their own twist on their work, so we’ve dedicated a slide in each presentation to where the presenter can insert how they use Kiddom and showcase how it helps them.

We also included some pre- and post-surveys as well as a self-reflection guide:

These are completely optional, but a great way to help teachers identify how they want to use Kiddom and how they’ll implement the platform in their schools. This is also a great follow up for the presenter to continue the conversation.


This Kiddom Professional Development Kit is all about empowering teachers to help their colleagues save time and get the most out of a new platform. Get started today by downloading the kit here.

At a typical Kiddom school, hands are in the air, there’s a buzz in the room, and teachers and students are energized. Kiddom was designed to help improve teacher retention and increase student performance and graduation rates.

For the first time, the most important parts of teaching and learning are connected and simplified in Kiddom. Curriculum lives in one place and is easily measured and refined, instruction is personalized to meet the needs of each student, and data serves as a powerful system of support for every member of the learning community to keep students on track.

What People Are Saying

“Kiddom is great for assessing data and then assigning appropriate work based on individual student performance. I love that it's very easy to attach standards and rubric to every assignment.”

Jackie Curts, Middle School Teacher

“Using Kiddom has made me stop and ask, ‘Am I just letting this student repeat what they already know, or am I really challenging them?’”

Ann Leghorn, High School Literacy Specialist

“I can see where my class and any student is at any moment in their educational journey. This way, I can take action to assist them to work towards mastery.”

Mr. Albrecht, High School Teacher

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