Bonechillers: Scary Stories and Creepy Writing Prompts

With this playlist of teaching resources, students will come to understand the science of fear and gain strategies for managing their own jitters.

Too Much Candy | Elf Kids

This fun reading of a Halloween tale warns kids against the dangers of eating too much candy.

( English Standards : RL.K.10 )

Spooky Prompts | Scholastic

Invite your students write their own creepy tales, using these prompts for guidance.

( English Standards :  W.K.3  W.1.3  W.2.3 )

Jacob’s Ghost | Freckle*

This short suspenseful story is about a young man who loves ghost stories...until he thinks he’s being visited by an actual ghost. This resource comes with critical thinking questions to help students reflect on themes that arise in the story and how the character and plot develops. You can also adjust the reading level.

( English Standards : RL.2  RL.3 )

The Boo Hag | PBS Learning Media

This article explores common phobias and why they have such a strong hold over some people.

( Science )

Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark | Ace of Scares, Josh Colts

If you’ve never read any of Alvin Schwartz’s short stories, get ready for a scare. Each of the following 3 links will lead you to an audio version of one of his short spinetinglers.

The Red Spot


May I Carry Your Basket? 

( English Standards : SL.6.2 SL.7.2 )

The Gecko by J.B. Stamper

Jason wants to finally rid his apartment of the cockroaches that have infested it, so he buys a roach-eating gecko. But then he realizes, his new form pest control might be more horrifying than the roaches.

( English )

History of Ghost Stories | Readworks*

Ghost stories have been around since the dawn of time. This article details the long history of ghost stories and other documentation of infamous hauntings. This resource also contains an audio version of the article.

( English Standards : R.1  R.2  R.10 )

The Landlady by Roald Dahl | English Room 241

This whimsical yet twisted tale by Roald Dahl features a quirky landlady with a dark secret. Students can practice identifying foreshadowing as the anticipation builds.

( English )

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Resources for Grades 6-8

Learn about the zom-bees and their parasitic pilots with these "Monster Mash" themed teaching resources.

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Students will come to understand the science of fear and gain strategies for managing their own jitters.