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School leadership resources to help you grow as an instructional leader and build a strong educational community.

What Does Innovative School Leadership Look Like?

Building buy-in to new initiatives and preventing change fatigue.

Helping guardians better understand what their children are learning at school.

Empowering others; Announcing the 12 Star School Leader Award recipients.

School Leadership Articles

Principal Carol Leveillee: The Culture Builder

When we spoke with Principal Carol Leveillee of Frederick Douglass Elementary School, she shared some tips on how to reinvent a school's reputation. This is the sixth spotlight...

Professional Development for Teachers: Bring Kiddom to your school

The first place a teacher will look for support is down the hall. Benefit your team by introducing a collaborative tool that brings your goals within reach.

Principal Sarah Hays: The Motivational Coach

Principal Sarah Hays shared her tips on how to bridge the gap between school and community. This is the fifth spotlight in a series of twelve, in which we feature the winning...

Principal Faith Stroud: The Passionate Leader

Through hard work and leadership, Principal Stroud lives her principles and her passion inspires members of her school community to do the same.

Principal Tammy Taylor: The Teacher Advocate

As a principal and a part-time teacher, Principal Tammy Taylor of Wellton Elementary, Arizona keeps a close eye on the needs of her students and teachers.

What is your support plan for at-risk students?

With Kiddom Academy, you can set up an early-alert system to turn realtime insights into student success.