Resources for School Leaders

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What Does Innovative School Leadership Look Like?

School administrator explaining to a teacher how easy Kiddom prevents change fatigue

Building buy-in to new initiatives and preventing change fatigue.

Teacher who uses Kiddom providing crucial beneficial data during a successful Parent / teacher conference

Helping guardians better understand what their children are learning at school.

Teaching being applauded by colleagues after winning the Star School Leader Award

Empowering others; Announcing the 12 Star School Leader Award recipients.

School Leadership Articles

Say Hello to the New Student Experience

Today, we released a redesigned student experience on Kiddom to help 21st century learners access and submit work, track their own progress, and solicit feedback from teachers in real-time, from one place. Over the past century, education technology has often left...

Meet the 2018-19 Star School Leaders!

Using Actionable Data in Kiddom to Support Intervention (Webinar Recap)

Whether you’re looking for school-wide trends, or at a student’s assignments, Kiddom has the data views that will help you spark meaningful conversations.

Building Continuity of Learning in Any Scenario: The Kiddom Back to School 2020 Guide

Hear how various educators are using Kiddom to prepare for distance learning, hybrid, or in-person blended learning. Get your copy of the guide below.

Digital Curriculum for Charter School Success: Why ECO Chose Kiddom (Video)

A recent partnership with OUR curriculum made Kiddom the perfect platform for ECO’s move to digital curriculum. Learn more in a new video by EdSurge.

Principal Priscilla Salinas: The Lifelong Mentor

At Henry Ford Elementary (TX), teachers, staff, parents, and students alike are brought together and inspired by Principal Priscilla Salinas’ leadership.

10 Summer Reading Recommendations for Educators

Team members from Kiddom share the books that caught their eye this summer. These reading recommendations will satisfy every educator’s busy and curious mind.

What is your support plan for at-risk students?

With Kiddom for Schools and Districts, you can set up an early warning system to turn realtime insights into student success.