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Our readership consists of educators who are passionate about teaching and learning. Teacher Voice is a place to hear classroom stories, share teaching tips, learn about educational tools, and access professional development resources. 

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You can submit a classroom story, editorial commentary on any K12 theme, or an educational how-to for other educators who wish to learn more about teaching tips and tools.

Start by asking yourself, “What would other educators like to read?” The Teacher Voice blog is read by teachers and administrators so please keep your entire audience in mind!

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Email all submissions to TeacherVoice (at) kiddom.co

Please include the words “Teacher Voice Submission” in the headline of your email. Submissions can be anywhere from 300-750 words in length, and should include a title, brief summary, and any accompanying images. If we find your submission to be a good fit for Teacher Voice, we will contact you soon to discuss next steps.

Other Articles Submitted by Educators

Teaching Was My “Aha! Moment”

From a young age, I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. As I got older, however, I began to get the impression that becoming a teacher wouldn’t be challenging enough for me or wouldn’t be reaching high enough to match my academic performance. Perhaps this was...

Storytime with Fresh Professor (Part Two)

I wasn’t always the Fresh Professor. At one point, I was just another starving actor trying to make a living. But stories change over time, as do professional desires. This is Part Two of my story. Enjoy the ride. August 2000. Waltham, MA Her name was Maggie, and she...

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