2018-19 Teaching Greatest Hits Contest

Submissions are closed as of July 15, 2019. In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, this award series was held for teachers who deserve recognition for their outstanding work in the classroom. The winning recipients will receive a cash prize, Teaching Greatest Hits award, and a Teacher Spotlight in our "Teaching Greatest Hits" series.

This year's recipients were announced in August. Learn more about them here. To be the first to know about our future award series for teachers and school leaders, join our mailing list here:

1. Most Engaging Classroom

Exhibits outstanding skills in making the curriculum relevant to students. Establishes great relationships and rapport with students. Students love to come to class.

2. Excellence in Differentiated Instruction

Exhibits mastery of personalizing lessons for students, according to how students learn best.

3. Most Interdisciplinary Classroom

Integrates skills from various disciplines for a richer learning experience. Exhibits excellence in teaching the whole child -- students in this teacher's class develop skills beyond the expected curriculum. 

4. Excellence in Curriculum Development

Demonstrates the ability to successfully improve upon one's own or a prescribed curriculum for the betterment of future teachers and learners.

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We received an unprecedented amount of submissions from teachers across the country and ultimately selected 12 winning recipients. 

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