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The Masked Writer

Middle school students can step into familiar stories by analyzing these persona poems, and gearing up to create one of their own.

For Grades 6-8

Remixing the World With Romare

Using artwork from Romare Bearden, students will gain a perspective of its historical context while crafting their own narratives with their imaginations.

For Grades K-2

Seasoning the Story: Descriptive Writing

These interactive resources will help your students breathe life into their work. They'll have more fun creating it, and you'll get to enjoy grading it!

For Grades 3-5

Shortcut To Short Vowel Sounds

Give budding readers everything they need to understand short vowel sounds and know the difference between a short vowel sound and a long vowel sound.

For Grades K-2

Imagine the Angels of Bread

Explore tone and mood in a powerful poem by Martin Espada. The vibrant imagery and themes in this work will leaven your students' passion for poetry.

For Grades 9-12

It's All about Me: Writing Personal Narratives

This playlist has everything you need to get your students started on a personal narrative essay so they can share their unique stories with the world.

For Grades 3-5

Ethos, Pathos, Logos

Does correlation imply causation? This playlist introduces Aristotle’s three rhetorical devices so students can identify and apply them to their own writing and speech.

For Grades 9-12

The Best Playlist in the History of Playlists!

Teaching hyperbole? These teaching resources will help students better understand how the use of exaggeration as a rhetorical device or figure of speech.

For Grades 6-8

Women's History Month Themed Teaching Playlists

These resources for teaching Women’s History will ignite a spark in the eyes of your female students, giving them positive role models to look up to, and unconfined futures to imagine.

For Grades K-12

Halloween-Themed Teaching Playlists

Peer into the Kiddom cauldron as it bubbles over with videos, lessons, interactive content, games and stories that are as fun and educational as they are thrilling.

For Grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Black History Month Themed Teaching Playlists

Through interactive features, primary source materials, and articles, inspire your students to think critically about how their own actions can contribute to a more equitable future.

For Grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Voting-Themed Teaching Playlists

Use these voting-themed blended learning teaching resources to help children of all ages understand the importance of voting and why their voice matters.

For Grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Relearning Thanksgiving Themed Teaching Playlists

Reflecting on the first Thanksgiving with students? Here we’ve highlighted some phenomenal resources that honor indigenous perspectives of the holiday.

For Grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Women of Ancient Egypt Role-Play Activity | Kiddom

In ancient Egypt, the public realm was largely male-dominated yet women ruled the roost and called the shots behind closed doors. This activity allows for students to explore the surprising ways in which the women of ancient Egypt contributed to society, achieving a level of independence and respect while women in many other “civilized” places in the world were treated as property. Each student will receive a description of the specific roles that women from various economic classes might fulfill. They can use these to compare Ancient Egyptian society to other societies throughout history or to discuss power dynamics amongst women of different classes.

The Egyptian Roots of Feminism | Newsela*

Can you imagine being an ancient Greek woman, from what is supposed to be one of the first civilized societies and then you get a glimpse of how Egyptian women live?! This article compares the rights of Greek women to those of Egyptian women of the same time period in an exploration of how feminist ideas may have had their roots in ancient Egypt.

Daily Life of Ancient Egyptian Women | Skwirk

This animated video clip provides a simple review of the legal rights of women in ancient Egypt and the various roles they played in society.

*Requires flash player

Ancient Egypt: Women in Society | Newsela*

Students should understand that regardless of the freedoms awarded women in ancient Egypt, social hierarchy still dictated the opportunities that they would have. This article introduces two of the most infamous female pharaohs, Cleopatra and Hatshepsut who students will revisit later in the playlist. They also get a glimpse at what the life of the common woman during that time period would have been like.

Life of a Temple Singer in Karnak | Science Channel

Students now know from the opening role-playing activity that women played important roles in the temples of ancient Egypt. This video provides even more context for that by looking at the discoveries made at the sacred site of Karnak in the tomb of Pabasa.

Peseshet | TEDEd

Peseshet was an actual doctor who lived during the Golden Age of the Old Kingdom and is credited for being one of the first female physicians in ancient Egypt. This animated video follows her through her day as she makes her way to teach medical students at the House of Life. Along the way, she repairs a worker’s fracture, treats a scorpion’s sting with an incantation and a knife, gives fertility advice and introduces us to Isesi, a male counterpart with an unfortunate official title.

Meet Merit-Ptah | Kiddom

Before Peseshet, there was Merit-Ptah, the world’s first recorded female physician. While there isn’t much information about her life, we think it’s important for students to know who she was because it really drives home the fact that Egypt was way ahead of the game when it came to a woman’s ability to step into male-dominated professions.


She needs little introduction. The last independent pharaoh of Egypt left her mark on history and popular culture.

Cleopatra — Interactive

History vs. Cleopatra — Video


She rose to power as pharaoh around 1473 B.C. and went to work improving trade deals and overseeing the construction of massive temples. This “bearded queen” demanded to be depicted as a male in images and statues and, as a result, remained largely unknown to historians for some time.

The Pharaoh That Wouldn’t Be Forgotten | TEDEd

Hatshepsut | RocketLit

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Teacher Resources

Teaching With Current Events | Bill of Rights Institute

This resource contains an updated list of current events that demonstrate how each amendment plays out in our nation today. Although most of the articles are written for adults, they can provide you with examples of current conversations around civil liberties to share with your students.  

Where Have You Gone, Barbara Jordan? Our Nation Turns Its Lonely Eyes To You | This American Life

This American Life podcast recently released an episode featuring this 30-minute story about Barbara Jordan, the first black congresswoman to come out of Texas,  who led a bipartisan team in the 1990s tasked with finding a solution to the immigration debate. Jordan’s passion for the Bill of Rights informed many of the tough decisions she was asked to make. But mostly we think you need to bear witness to one of the most iconic speaking voices to ever hit the House floor.

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