Dear Educators,

On the last day of my first year teaching high school, I remember frantically packing up my classroom. I couldn’t wait to get out and kiss summer on the lips. Alex, a student overly enthusiastic about organization, was helping me pack. After we finished, Alex looked perplexed. He said, “I bet teachers get so bored over the summer. I mean, I’ve got my video games. But you? You don’t even have papers to grade. Will you just sleep all summer and wait for our return?” I laughed, but he was onto something: I needed sleep.

For many of you, the 2015–2016 school year is about to come to a close (if it hasn’t already). On behalf of the Kiddom team, thank you for your commitment and service to students. We’re inspired by your passion and strength. And we’re incredibly humbled you trusted us in your classroom.



As you can probably tell, the Kiddom team is obsessed with making it easier for you to search for and assign content you deem appropriate for students. Over the course of this academic year, we announcedcontent integrations with four partners: CK-12, Khan Academy, iXL, and CommonLit. Rest assured, there are more partnerships on the way.

This year, tens of thousands of educators like you adopted Kiddom across elementary, middle, and high schools. From August 2015, Kiddom’s “teacher-base” grew by 7% every week. That’s an incredible growth rate, and since we’re not spending much on advertising, I can only assume you’re talking about us with colleagues. We encourage this type of behavior, so please, carry on.

Since you’re talking about us, we’ve assigned ourselves homework this summer: figure out a way for you to collaborate with colleagues on Kiddom. We recognize when teachers are afforded the time and space to work together, teaching and learning is more impactful. So as we wrestle with this project in the coming weeks, we wish you a fun and restful summer.

Stay cool,
– Abbas Manjee
Chief Academic Officer

P.S. If you’re interested in setting Kiddom up for next year, sign up for a learning webinar this summer and/or check out this practical guide to standards-based grading.